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Tours Around Soweto

Apartheid museum tour

Apartheid museum tour: Tailored for you. the apartheid museum tour takes you true very special museum that showcases the rise and fall of apartheid. There is no better way to tell the South African story. The Apartheid Museum opened in [...]

Johannesburg city tour

Johannesburg city tour: Tailored for you. Explore the richest city in Africa through this Johannesburg city tour, from the 19th-century gold rush. The City Of Gold is one of the world’s 50 largest urban areas. The extraordinary lifestyle contrast of [...]

Soweto tour

Soweto tour: Tailored for you. This soweto tour lets you explore this vibrant historic township from the contrasting lifestyles with mansions to overcrowded informal settlements, to grand street markets. George Harrison and George Walker are today credited as the men [...]

Pretoria city tour

Pretoria city tour: Tailored for you. Explore Jacaranda city. Pretoria is one of the 3 capitals of South Africa. This quite city has a fascinating history. ​ Discover our pretoria city tour – one of the oldest cities in South [...]

Down Memory Lane

Down memory lane: Tailored for you. Now, this has to be one of the tours that are a bit closer to my heart as I take you through the places that have shaped me to be the amazing human I [...]

From Johannesburg to Soweto

From Johannesburg to Soweto: Tailored for you. Walk through from Johannesburg to Soweto. We learn more about the history, culture, lifestyle of Soweto, while we also pass through the most historic places like Hector Peterson Museum, Nelson Mandela’s House, Klipitown. [...]

Johannesburg & Pretoria city tour

Johannesburg city & Pretoria city tour : Tailored for you. This full-day Johannesburg city & Pretoria city tour will take you from Johannesburg to Pretoria. Johannesburg FROM downtown Newtown to the sprawling township of Soweto, from the leafy north to [...]

Lesedi cultural village tour

Lesedi cultural village tour: Tailored for you. The Lesedi cultural village tour offers the opportunity of experiencing the fascinating cultures and traditions of the people of Africa. Located in the Cradle of Humankind, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the village [...]

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